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Dyed Silk

Srichokchai Textiles

 Textile wholesaler, providing the latest trends at competitive prices 


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Our collection

Srichokchai's wide range of qualities includes linen, rayon, cotton, polyester, lace, embroidered fabric, and we also source materials per your requirements.

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About us

Srichokchai Textiles, a leading company in the clothing fabric sector, stands out for its continuous experimentation and relentless search for new materials and designs. The qualified team studies and follows all phases of product creation with particular attention to the latest fashion trends and the needs of their customers. Srichokchai combines traditions with innovation, elegance, and refinement.The family business, established in 1978, boasts over forty years of experience in the textile industry. Furthermore, Srichokchai Textiles have a widespread presence internationally and all over Thailand. The company produces its fabrics in local factories and imports fabric directly from international suppliers. Srichokchai devotes particular attention to fabric quality and the process of dyeing, printing up to the finished product. 

Who we supply

Srichokchai is continually looking for the best materials at the best prices. The company has become an international reference point for garment manufacturers, uniform manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, and online stores in the fashion sector. Their wide range of qualities, which you will always find in stock, is linen, rayon, cotton, polyester, lace, embroidered fabric, and they also source materials per your requirements. Srichokchai Textiles can supply to business customers worldwide from a single roll up to a truckload. Contact Srichokchai for more information. 

Cutting Fabric

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